How to Remove Wood Roof Trusses Safely

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  • 5-8 hours
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  • 50
What You'll Need
Reciprocating saw

Safely removing wood roof trusses can be a time-consuming task. Contractors will tell you that it is possible to simply replace the damaged truss with a new one by taking the old one out and then installing the new one in its place. When it comes to safety—which should always be first in your mind—this is not a feasible way to accomplish this project. The only way to safely remove a wood roof truss is to disassemble the roofing materials above it first.

Step 1 - Remove the Existing Roof

The first step when removing a wood roof truss is to disassemble the existing roof that is causing a load upon the truss. This can easily be accomplished by using a hammer and a crowbar. When taking the roofing materials off be sure to extend the path of demolishing to each existing truss on each side of the damaged one. This allows the load-bearing truss to be relieved of all pressure, allowing you to safely take it out.

Step 2 - Remove the Wood Roof Truss

The second step is to remove the wood truss. Use the reciprocating saw to cut through the metal brackets and lower the truss down to the ground. If the truss is large, you may need to rent a crane to safely get the damaged material out of the way.