How to Remove Wrinkles from a Pool Liner

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  • 1 hours
  • Beginner
  • 0-300
What You'll Need
Pool brush

A pool liner can develop wrinkles for several reasons. For example, snowmelt and water from heavy rains can create wrinkles. These are not fun to deal with, but wrinkles can be removed with a few household tools and some spare time. Here’s how to go about it.

Step 1 - Fill the Pool

If the wrinkles have appeared before the first fill of the year, you can work the liner as you fill the pool. Gently push the liner into place as you fill it. You want to be careful with this so you don't break a hole in the liner. Watch the liner as you do this, and adjust the liner until it's in the correct position against the floor and walls.

Step 2 - Plunge Small Wrinkles


A clean toilet plunger can help remove wrinkles as well. You don't want to plunge directly on the wrinkle. Instead plunge to the side, or above and below the wrinkle. This will work the liner into the proper position.

Step 3 - Heat Up the Pool

Liners can develop wrinkles as they become hardened. You can remedy this by heating the pool to at least 92 degrees. This will soften the liner and allow you to work wrinkles out with the pool brush.

Step 4 - Drain the Pool

Another method is to drain the pool completely. Use the Shop-Vac to pull wrinkles out. For this, you want to make sure you only use the vacuum in between the frame and the liner to pull the wrinkles. The vacuum will damage the liner if you try to use it directly on the liner itself. It's important to keep the liner wet any time you drain the pool. This will prevent the liner from shrinking.

Step 5 - Blow Out the Liner

shop vac

As a last resort, you can empty the pool and use the Shop-Vac in reverse. Place the hose in between the liner and the frame as you did in the previous step. Blow the liner out, then reverse the Shop-Vac again. This will deflate the liner and will pull the wrinkles out. You can help work the wrinkles out with this method by standing in the center of the pool and gently pushing or pulling the liner as it settles. Be sure to only wear socks, as shoes can cause excessive damage to the liner.

Step 6 - Check the Landscape

To prevent wrinkling in the future, check the surrounding landscape. Shrubs and trees can actually direct water under the pool deck. This will create large wrinkles that you will have to deal with constantly. It's much easier to relocate beloved shrubs than it will be to try to deal with constant wrinkles.

Step 7 - Call a Professional

If you have lots of wrinkles or very large wrinkles, a professional may be necessary. Draining a pool can create a risk of structural damage when done often. It's best to let the professionals deal with wrinkles that aren't easily worked out by hand.