How to Repaint Your Banged-Up Toolbox

What You'll Need

A banged-up toolbox has lost its color and shape due to some amount of neglect. Instead of buying another box, you can repaint your current one.

Step 1 - Reshape Your Toolbox

When you want to repaint your box, you should first try to reshape any of its sides that have lost their original shape.

Step 2 - Remove Old Paint

Use sandpaper to remove rust and the old paint. Removing the old paint will enable you to see the places that are rusted or need to be straightened again.

For wood boxes, this step smooths the surface for a new layer of paint.

Step 3 - Apply New Paint

Once you have removed the older paint, you should apply an undercoat of primer to the toolbox with a paintbrush. After the undercoat dries, you should apply a coat of paint in the color that you prefer.

After applying this layer, you can add one or two more layers of paint. The more layers you add, the higher the chances of your job lasting longer.