How to Repair a Barbed Wire Fence

What You'll Need
Wood Posts
Heavy Duty Staples
Fence Sleeves
Crimping Tool

A barbed wire fence is essential for anyone who owns livestock or who wants a fence with added security. It is important that you know how to repair your barbed wire fence and are able to effectively troubleshoot any problems so that the fence can always do its job.

Step 1 - Replacing Posts

It may be that your fence requires a new post if one has rotted, been damaged by an animal or if the wires cannot attach to it properly any longer. First detach the wires (most barbed wire fences use staples to attach the wires to the posts) so use the back of a hammer or a pair of pliers to remove the staples and free the wires.

Next, you'll need to remove the post and install a replacement. You can opt for a brand new piece of wood or use a suitable piece that you have lying around. You can place the new post in the old hole but make sure you set it 2 feet deeper for added strength. Pack dirt in the hole very tightly to keep it in place and opt for a sand and gravel mix if you're worried about your post being steady enough. 

Step 2 - Reattaching the Wire

After you replace a post (or several posts) you will have to reattach the wires. When reattaching the wires to your new posts, make sure you pull the wire as tight as possible at first because if the wire has snapped, it will become slack and will cause your fence to have big gaps which defeats the purpose of having a barbed wire fence altogether. Staple the wires in place or alternatively, you could simply wind the wire around the posts and secure it with nails. 

Step 3 - Repairing Holes

Where the wire has ripped, pull the two wires as close together as possible. It is best if you can pull them so that there is a few inches of overlap.

Once the two pieces of wire are stretched, take where they overlap and wrap a metal fencing sleeve over the two wires. Fencing sleeves will give the mend more strength and they are readily available at any DIY store. Close the fencing sleeve with a crimping tool if you have one. If not, you can just use a pair of pliers but be careful you do not accidentally cut the fencing sleeve.

Now, look closely at the wires sticking out of each side of the fencing sleeve. Each is made of two smaller pieces of wire that are intertwined. Carefully unwind each side so that there are two small wires sticking out of each side. Take one wire on one side and wrap it around the taut wire clockwise. Take the other wire on that same side and wrap it counterclockwise. Repeat on the other side. Cut any excess wire and repeat the process if there is more than one hole in your barbed wire fence.