How to Repair a Bent Metal Bed Headboard

What You'll Need
Cotton buds
Light machine oil
Wax candle
Plumbers sealant tape

A metal headboard may become bent because it had taken so many hits on the wall. Over time, a metal headboard may develop a squeaking sound when slightly moved that can cause irritation. You can learn how to get rid of this problem here.

Step 1- Preparation

First, remove the metal headboard from the bed. It might be attached to the wall or bed’s frame. Now, check for areas that need the repairs. The squeak may also be caused by loose screws found within the metal headboard. Instead of hunting down the cause for a single annoying squeak, try to find and cure every possible squeak. This will help in preventing future squeaks.

Step 2 – Lubricate Areas of Friction

Look for the areas where the metal parts look shiny. These are areas of friction. Rub a wax candle over these parts for lubrication. Future squeaks will be prevented by doing so.

Step 3 – Cure the Headboard Screws

Take out each screw found on the headboard and add a washer of about 1/16 inch thickness. Apply plumbers sealing tape to all screws on the headboard because they may not be holding the metal headboard tightly. Also apply some light machine oil over the surface of the metal headboard.

It is considered a good idea to spray paint the headboard as a protective covering after you have repaired it. Dry paint and reassemble.