How to Repair a Bent Storm Door Screen Frame

Door Screen
  • 1-2 hours
  • Beginner
  • 0-500
What You'll Need
Wooden block

A storm door screen may get damaged or bent with time. Usually, it is the door frame that gets bent, especially after long periods of use. However, there are certain instances that may bend the door frame as well. The problem lies with the material used for the door frame. If it is made out of wrought iron, only a strong physical force may bend it. This can be fixed by using the hammer method to bend the frame back. However, aluminum door frames usually become bent a lot easier than steel because the material more flexible. Wooden door frames also get bent when exposed to moisture and heat after several repeated intervals. When confronted with a storm door screen with bent frames, here are some steps to follow.

Step 1 – Removing the Door

If the bent area on the door frame requires removing the storm screen door for repairs, make sure to unscrew the hinges on the door first and carefully remove it from the door opening. This will allow a wider and more comfortable working area.

Step 2 – Inspecting the Bent Storm Door Frame

Before deciding what to do with the door frame, inspect first what is causing the bend. By doing this, it can be determined whether the frame needs to be replaced or simply repaired. Sometimes, loose connections cause the door frame to sag or to bend slightly. If so, check whether the screws are tight enough. Try tightening the screws to see if it levels the door frame. If connections are not causing the problem, there might be a problem with the door frame material.

Step 3 – Fixing the Bends

If the material is made from some rigid metal, a hammer may fix the bend. Check where the bend occurs and use the hammer to straighten it back. You may use a block of wood to cover the area to avoid having the hammer damage the surface of the frame.

Wooden frames usually expand and contract due to shifting temperatures in addition to moisture. When the wooden frame is bent, the problem may be solved by using a planer to level the frame. This should be done only if tightening the screws on the wooden frame does not work. Since the bent portion may be hard to fix using any other material, the best remedy is to plane the bent portion until it is level with the door.

For aluminum doors, never use a hammer because the material is fragile. Since the material is flexible enough, using soft pliers may do the job. Get a piece of cardboard to cover the surface of the bent aluminum before sinking in the teeth of the pliers. Use the pliers to slowly bend the aluminum back to its correct position.


If the bend on the storm door screen frame cannot be repaired easily using any of the methods above, then it is best to replace the entire door frame.