How to Repair a Brick Pool Deck

What You'll Need
Non-slip footwear
Pressure washer
Paint roller with long handle
Brick waterproofing sealant

Pool deck repair is not only for broken pool decks but basically repairing its weathering, wear and tear problems. There are problems that have to be addressed so that your brick pool deck is always looking good and safe for people. Weathering, constant water exposure and slippery surface are the three issues that have to be repaired in your brick pool deck. Weathering is the main issue to repair a brick pool deck. This is the main reason for pool deck quality deterioration since it is constantly exposed to the heat of the sun, rain, human traffic, and other unavoidable circumstances. The second one is constant exposure to water.. Your brick pool deck is very susceptible to moss growth and since small amounts of water would always be present, it is very dangerous to human traffic especially little children who tend to run around swimming pools. Other concerns for brick pool decks are efflorescence, which is white staining often observed on brick due to salt buildup. Spalling is another possible problem with brick decks. It occurs when the brick begins to flake due to water freezing within it. This causes expansion and eventual flaking. Proper sealing will help ward of these potential problems.

Step 1 – Ensure Safety

Wear protective footwear to avoid slips on while you’re cleaning your brick pool deck.

Step 2  - Clean Brick Pool Deck

Clean brick pool deck using your pressure washer. Make sure you get all lose dirt in the cracks and surfaces. Moss can often be removed through the high pressure of the washer so make sure you get them off as well.

Step 3  - Let the Deck Dry

Let deck dry. Take your roller brush and dip it in the brick waterproofing sealant. It is important to purchase a sealant that will not make your brick pool deck slippery because most of them do. Always purchase one that is compatible to the type of deck surfacing your have. Paint your brick deck per area of about 5 feet by 5 feet making sure everything is covered very well. Most sealants are made with siloxane that chemically bonds to the bricks and prevents water from passing through. This type waterproofing sealant is clear, so it does not change the appearance your brick patio. It does not stay on the surface of the structure but penetrates the material. One benefit of brick sealants is that, while it does not allow liquid moisture to seep through to the material, it does allow vapor to escape from the bricks. Considering that all bricks contain some moisture within the materials that needs to be released, this is convenient. Brick waterproofing is also helpful in resisting the accumulation of dirt so your pool deck will need less maintenance and common pool deck problems will be of no concern in a the few years to come.  Let your brick pool deck dry. Depending on the manufacturer, it usually takes 8 hours.