How to Repair a Broken Ceiling Track

a ceiling with tiles and a broken track and falling light
  • 2-5 hours
  • Intermediate
  • 25-50
What You'll Need
Straight edge
Extra guide wire
Rivet gun/rivets
Tin snips
Sheet metal strips

If you have a drop ceiling, you're likely to encounter the need to repair a metal ceiling track eventually. These tracks are held in position with small guide wires, supporting the ceiling tiles.

Ceiling tracks can get damaged from sudden or accumulated pressure on the tiles, or something bumping into them from below. Here are some simple steps to take to repair them.

Bend It Back Into Position

Using a small hammer, or a rubber mallet, bend the track back into position. Set a small straight edge along the back part of the ceiling track and tap it with the hammer on the other side. Continue tapping the track until it is straight and can support the ceiling tiles.

Install Sheet Metal

If the ceiling track has been cracked you will need to attach a piece of sheet metal to each side of the break. Cut the piece to fit with a pair of tin snips and secure it to the track with some rivets.

Drill and Finish

Drill tiny pilot holes into both the sheet metal and the ceiling track and pop the rivets into place with the rivet gun.