How to Repair a Clear Epoxy Resin Countertop

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  • 24-48 hours
  • Beginner
  • 60-120
What You'll Need
Epoxy seal coat
Epoxy resin
Epoxy hardener
Fine bristle paint brush
650 grit sandpaper
Mixing bowl or bucket
Paint stick
Putty knife
Clean cloth rags
Commercial cleaner

If you have a clear epoxy resin countertop or a countertop that will need repair, epoxy resin is worth consideration. Home improvements are pricey and time consuming but the benefits are wonderful. If you can do it yourself, you have got it made.

A kitchen is one of the features of our home that we like to have looking beautiful. And the countertop is one of the first things that you notice when you enter a kitchen. Epoxy leaves a clear hard coating to help protect your counter top from future damage. Here are some instructions about how to repair a clear epoxy resin countertop to improve the looks of your kitchen.

Step 1 - Cover Scratched Surfaces

Apply Old English Lemon oil or another similar product to repair light surface abrasions. If this does not work continue with the following steps.

Step 2 - Use 650 Grit Sandpaper


Using the specified wet/dry sandpaper, sand the area parallel to the scratch. You can use the light reflecting off of the countertop to help you to see where the areas need to be sanded down.

Warning: Wear a respirator or face mask and a pair of safety glasses while sanding epoxy (especially if using an electric sander) to avoid getting any particles inside your body.

Step 3 - Clean Countertops

Be sure to thoroughly clean your countertops with a mixture of 50/50 water and commercial cleaner, and then begin wiping the countertop using a circular motion. You can buff the sanded area and then wipe clean with water to remove grit and cleaners.

Step 4 - Add Epoxy Edge Dressing Kit

Apply a light coating of epoxy resin to the specific area to restore sheen. Wait overnight, or until dried, then wipe the entire area with Old English lemon oil or a similar product.

Step 5 - Repair Chips

mixing epoxy resin

If the countertop has minor chips at the edges or corners, epoxy resin in cement form can also repair those damages. You can use a clean rag and clean the damaged area with alcohol to start. Mix two parts epoxy cement as per instructions. If you find your countertop does have damage of this kind, it might be better to do this repair first, wait for it to set and repair the rest of the countertop at a later time.


Most of the time epoxies are latex or enamel. Remember too, to keep your work area well ventilated with the epoxy resin. They can be messy as well, so it is important to keep in mind you should protect the rest of your kitchen from accidental splatters and spills, in the meantime. This can offer you a much cheaper solution than replacing your countertop with a new one.

It provides your kitchen with a new look, that is durable and will last years into the future. Also it is much easier on the pocket book to repair your existing countertop, than to go buy a new one. As well, it offers a beautiful shine and protection on your counter, that your family will love.