How to Repair a Concrete Tile Roof

What You'll Need
Leather Gloves
Protective Eye Glasses
Replacement Tiles

A concrete tile roof is both aesthetically beautiful and highly practical. It generally has a long shelf life, but it can crack due to extreme temperature conditions. In such a situation there is no other alternative than to repair or replace the damaged tiles. Repairing a concrete tile roof is not an impossible task. With the right tools, this guide and taking the necessary safety precautions, you can do the job yourself. Here's how to repair a concrete tile roof.

Step 1 - Safety First

Before you start repairing your concrete tile roof, make sure you have your leather gloves and protective eye glasses on. Use the ladder to get on the roof. Make sure you work on the damaged tiles carefully. While treading, you must be careful not to damage other areas on the concrete tile roof.

Step 2 - Replacement Tile

The replacement tile should be an exact match to the existing concrete tile roof. It would be great if you can get your hands on the tile's model number and manufacturer details. Getting the exact type of tile is of utmost importance, as a concrete tile roof follows a particular pattern. Buying it from the original manufacturer would be the safest bet.

Step 3 - Use a Crowbar

Insert a crowbar under the damaged portion of the concrete tile roof. Place the crowbar onto the left hand tip of the tile that is damaged.

Step 4 - Removing the Damaged Tile

Remove the damaged tile by slowly applying pressure on the crowbar. This will force the tile up and you will be able to remove it.

Step 5 - The Tile above the Damaged Tile

Follow the same process in steps 5 and 6 to remove the tile directly over the one you just removed.

Step 6 - Replacing the Old Tile

Remove and dispose of the damaged tile. Place a new tile in the vacant spot. Make sure it is fixed securely onto the concrete tile roof.

Step 7 - Securing the Tiles

Most new tiles do not need any nails to hold them in place. Position the tile in its place, align it properly and gently snap it in place.

Step 8 - Repeat

Repeat this process of snapping and fixing the tiles until all of the damaged tiles are replaced.

Step 9 - Finishing

Check once again and make sure all the tiles that you have replaced are firmly in place. That's all you need to do. You have successfully repaired your concrete tile roof.