How to Repair a Damaged Metal Carport

What You'll Need
Rubber Hand Gloves
Safety Goggles
Adjustable Wrench
Wood stakes
Roofing material
Screws and screwdriver
Carport kit replacement part
Rope or cord
Water hose
Bucket with Water
Folding stairs or Step Ladder

If your metal carport is damaged, you need to repair it at once to prevent risks. Remember that damages on your metal carport can compromise the whole structure and when this happens, you may end up with damaged car if the carport collapses.  To repair damages on your metal carport, here is what you need to do.

Step 1 – Get the Area Ready

Move your vehicle out of the carport before you start any repair works to avoid accidents. After taking your car out of the carport, remove furniture and other things inside the carport that may interfere with your work.

To protect yourself, you should wear the necessary personal protective equipment such as hand gloves and safety goggles. Also, if you have to take the carport down, you need to disable the electrical connections to your carport to avoid accidents.

Tie bunting cords or small ropes on the four corner posts and fix with wood stakes to support it tightly.

Step 2 – Remove the Roofing & Clean the Carport

If the problem is in the roof, you may need to remover the roofing of your carport and repair it. Use a ladder to climb up to the roof and remove the roofing materials. For safety reasons, make sure the ladder is resting on solid surface to avoid tilting when you mount it.  

Detach the roofing material from the roof frame by removing the roofing screws. Set aside the roofing material for disposal. Spray the metal carport gently to remove the loose debris and dirt. Pour general purpose cleaner into the bucket and mix with water. Use step ladder to apply the cleaning solution across all surfaces with rag.

Use nylon brush gently to reach into corners and crevices. For hard to reach nooks, use tooth brush dipped into the cleaning solution. Spray once more with water. Let the carport dry.

Step 3 – Check and Replace the Defective Part

Check and replace the part that was damaged especially those parts of the roofing. Re-tighten the screws of the structure. Spray all stuck screws with WD-40. Use the tiny tubing that comes with the WD-40 can and push it tightly to the spray exit. This will serve as the nozzle to precisely point the lubricant to exposed knot threads until the stuck screws loosen up. Replace any loose threaded screws with new ones. Loosely fixed beams will vibrate under strong winds and even damage the roofing material over time.

Put on the new carport canopy. Fix this up with the roofing screws over new grommet to prevent rain water from sipping in. Make sure this is evenly stretched from side to side. Any uneven tautness will damage the roofing over time.

Step 4 – Finishing Up

Re-install the electrical wirings that you removed when you started working on the carport. Save all left-over and recyclable materials for future use then clean up the area thoroughly.