How to Repair a Dent in a Steel Entry Door

What You'll Need
Wire wheel grinder (can be purchased from a hardware store)
Sandpaper (various grits shall be required)
Auto body filler
Scrap wood
Wide knife
Rubber gloves
Eye goggles

Often, dents can appear in a steel entry door,which causes the overall appearance of the door to look quite poor. It doesn’t matter how exactly the dent got there but it is necessary to remove it to improve the appearance of the door. Using a few simple tools which can easily be purchased from a hardware or a super store, this task can easily be carried out at home yourself. Repairing a dent will require only a few hours of your time. The following section will describe how exactly such a dent can be removed from a steel entry door.

Step 1 – Remove Paint

This task is easier if the door has been removed from the frame, but if that is not possible then it can be done with the door in place. The first step in this process is to remove the paint from the area the dent is present in the door. This can be done one of two ways, either using a wire wheel grinder or with sandpaper. Use the wire wheel grinder and carefully remove the paint the area around the dent. Follow the same procedure if the sandpaper is being used.

Step 2 – Mix Auto Body Filler and Resin

Before performing this step, make use of the rubber gloves and eye goggles for your own protection. Then start mixing up auto body filler. Place a small portion of resin into the filler as well. Make sure you do this mixing on a piece of scrap wood. 

Step 3 – Fill in Dent

Now, the next step is to fill in the dent with the mixture of auto body filler and resin. Dip in a wide knife into the filler mixture, then apply it on the surface of the door where the dent is situated. Do this quickly as the filler tends to dry out rapidly. Make sure the filler is applied all over the dent smoothly and does not leave behind any bumps on the surface. If a bump is apparent, do not attempt to remove the filler from the door but instead apply another layer of filler on top of it. Once the first layer has dried completely, add a few more layers if it seems necessary.

Step 4 – Sand the Door

Wait for the filler to dry completely on the door, which should take around 30 minutes. Once it has completely dried, use a sandpaper to thoroughly smooth the area.

Step 5 – Apply Primer and Repaint Door

The last and final step is to apply a layer of primer on the door. After that, repaint the entire door with the chosen shade. By now, your steel door should be completely dent-free.