How to Repair a Door Knob Rosette

What You'll Need
Graphite powder or silicone spray
Hacksaw or wire stripping tool

When you have problems with your door knob rosettes, it’s good to have them checked out. They are easy to fix and its parts are cheap and easily replaceable. One common problem with rosette door knob sets is that its screws can become loose over time, or the screws are too short or too long so that the rosettes have not been tightened properly because of it. Because doors are something that is opened and closed many times over the course of the day, it’s good to have door knob problems fixed as soon as they are discovered. Improper functioning door knobs or locks can compromise privacy where it is most needed.

Step 1 – Disassemble Door Knob

Unscrew the glass knob by twisting it off the spindle. Unscrew the rosette from the door knob or handle. Do the same procedure for the other side of the door. Now pull out the rosette plates and the spindle, being careful not to lose any small pieces.

Step 2 – Clean the Pieces

If you are repairing an old, worn door knob set, it’s good to get in some cleaning while you are doing this. Take a wet cloth and clean out any dust or debris that could have gotten stuck to the door knob and the inside spindle over time.

Step 3 – Adjust Rosette Screws

If the problem was in the length of the rosette screws so that rosette plates were not being tightened properly, take your hacksaw and adjust the length of the rosette screws by sawing off the extra unnecessary length of the rosette screws. Before sawing, make sure that the adjusted length is enough to meet both rosette plates when screwed in.

Step 4 – Lubricate the Door Knob

Take care to grease the cleaned portions of the door knob using graphite powder or silicone spray. The spray might work better to coat evenly and in hard-to-reach places. Spray especially over the spindle so that its turning action is smooth and unhindered. Don’t spray into places where screws are placed so that tightened screws do not become loose again. Spray between the door knob and rosette plate so that turning the handle is also smooth.

Step 5 – Reassemble the Door Knob

Thread the spindle into the door and through the latch. Center it. Place both rosette plates onto the spindle and twist screws in to tighten. Take care not to tighten too hard, as the rosette plates might press into the wood and the door knob become loosened again. Screw doorknobs over spindle. Do not overly tighten doorknob so that there is no friction between doorknob and the rosette plates.  

Rosette plates also vary in value based on the materials they are made from. They can be used to brighten up your door, and give worth and value to your house. Keep them looking their brightest and in good condition so that you won't have missing pieces later on and end up needing to replace the whole set altogether.