How to Repair a Garage Door Bracket

What You'll Need
Hammer or rubber mallet
Step ladders (2)
Measuring tape
Mounting bracket
Wood scraps

The garage door bracket serves to hold the track to the wall. This allows the garage door to open or close smoothly. Over time, the brackets can become loose from their mountings due to the everyday stress to which they are subjected. The garage door brackets are also subjected to a lot of damaged including chips and dents. They could become slanted improperly which could throw off your garage opener. Because of the raising mechanism will have to travel on an uneven surface, the thread can bind which in turn can break the bar or change the threading. Repairing a garage door bracket takes only a few simple steps.

Step 1 - Tightening the Garage Door Bracket

If the problem lies with the bracket being loose from its mounting, move along the entire length and look for any screws and bolts. Tighten them with the screwdriver or wrench to fasten the bracket securely to the walls.

Step 2 - Straightening Chips and Dents

If the brackets are fastened securely to the walls, your next target would be the chips and dents that maybe preventing the garage doors from functioning smoothly. The repair could be done by pounding on them using the rubber mallet or hammer. If the brackets are damaged, they need to be replaced.

Step 3 - Leveling the Garage Door Bracket

Uneven brackets can do a lot of harm to your garage door. Check to make sure they are even with the use of the level. Make the necessary adjustments if they are not.

Step 4 - Checking for Damage on a Mounting Bracket

If your garage door is operated by a screw drive, its mounting bracket can hold the motor head but most of the time, it is the railing for the screw drive. Place the step ladder near the bracket so that you can inspect it properly. If it is damaged, you need to replace it. Set up the second ladder under the damaged bracket. You need to rest it under the railing so you may have to adjust its height using scraps of wood.

Step 5 - Removing the Damaged Garage Door Bracket

While the damaged bracket is being held up by the second step ladder, remove it by using the socket wrench. Remove the bolts for the railing first before unbolting the bracket itself. Set the bolts aside and lower the broken bracket.

Step 6 - Installing the New Garage Door Bracket

Bring the new mounting bracket in position. But before securing it in place, take the time to inspect the wooden mount where the bracket will be bolted to. You need to ensure that it is still strong enough to hold the weight, and was not damaged by the removal. Once you have ensured that it is still in top condition, secure the new bracket with the same bolts that you used for the previous one. Make sure that there is no bracket movement by snugging it tight. Bolt in the railing but before tightening the screws, ensure that it is level by using the level. Once you have made the necessary adjustments, set the bolts down tight.