How to Repair a Garage Door Opener Motor

What You'll Need
Batteries for remote control
New remote control (optional)
Motor unit manual
Silicon-based lubricant
Clean cloth

The garage door opener motor is an electrical device that opens and shuts a garage door without having to manually pull it down or push it up. Fixing motor problems may not necessarily mean disassembling it and can be addressed by certain external adjustments.  There are a host of problems within the motor unit that might need fixing, therefore look for your needed solution below.

Step 1: Checking the Door

Before you start inspecting the motor, make sure the garage door is fully functioning. Spray the sides of the garage door and the hinges with a silicon-based lubricant. Pay special attention to the alignment of the tracks, the chain and the tightness of the screws. This can solve problems pertaining to the door only half-opening or half-closing. Check to see if your garage door springs are functioning, since they are the main cause of damaged motors. Ask for professional help in order to replace these springs.

Step 2: Doing the Basics

Usually it is an obvious step that users tend to skip when repairing a motor unit. The opener works via a remote-control and has a power connection to the house’s circuitry. Make sure that the power outlet is firmly connected and then try switching the unit on. Even if the power supply was connected, remove and plug it in again. Wait for fifteen minutes before you try to open the garage door so that the motor can cool off. An excessively hot motor can jam the system. Make sure that the “lock” feature has not been activated. The method for locking/unlocking the system will be mentioned in the manual.

Step 3: Troubleshooting Remote Control Problems

Another possibility is that the opener is not responding to the remote control. In this situation simply replace the batteries of the remote control. If this step does not work, try obtaining a new remote control and turn the motor unit on/off with it. A new remote control might also be needed if the door opens on its own accord, indicating a jammed button. There is a possibility that your remote has become “deprogrammed,” for which refer to the user’s manual and reset it.

Step 4: Realignment of the Electric Eyes

If the door does not close but only opens, read the manual and realign the electric eye of the opener unit. This is usually done by adjusting the two screws fixed within the unit on the left side. The electric eyes should be wiped clean by a clean cloth to avoid problems pertaining to the door’s reversal mechanism meaning it starts to close while opening and vice versa. Also check that the wiring of the beam sensors is indeed connected to the motor unit.

Step 5: Setting the Frequency

If your remote control opens the neighbor’s garage door, reset the frequency of your unit by referring to the manual. If none of the above were causing the door to malfunction, you should now replace the motor.