How to Repair a Hinged Interior Storm Window

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When it comes to those long, cold winter months, an interior storm window is a great option for keeping areas of your home insulated and the heat from escaping. If you notice that there is damage to the storm window, or to the hinge, here are a few tips to help you make some repairs.

Remove Window

A hinged interior storm window can be removed easily by unscrewing the hinges from both the window case and the window frame itself.

Replace Broken Window

You can pry apart the window frame with a thin-bladed screwdriver or chisel. Remove the broken glass and replace it with a new window pane. Spread some glue on each of the connection areas of the frame and press together to form a bond.

Replace Broken Hinges

If the hinges are the part that is broken on your interior storm window, they can be swapped out by removing the screws from the window. Line up the holes with the new hinge and reconnect with new screws.

Fix Gouges in Wood

You may find some gouges in the wood after the repairs are made, or it may be the actual problem. Spread wood putty over the gouges and allow it to dry. Sand it down flush with the exterior of the window frame and paint.