How to Repair a Hole in a Chain Link Fence

What You'll Need
Piece of chain link fence
Measuring tape
Wire cutters

A chain link fence can discourage unwanted visitors from stepping foot where they do not belong. They are especially effective against animals, but that effectiveness will wane when a hole appears in the chain link fence. There is no reason to replace the section of fence that is damaged when you can simply repair it. The information below will show you how easy it is to do just that.

Step 1–Prepare the Hole

The best patch is one that matches the chain link fence as closely as possible. In order to get this perfect fit, you need to trim the hole. This will, of course, make the whole larger, but it won't affect the chain link fence any more than the original hole. Use the wire cutters to trim the hole. Cut the exposed wires so they are 1/4 inch longer than the crossing wires.

Step 2–The Patch

Measure the hole in its current state. The patch will be this size plus an additional inch (or more if a bigger patch will mean that the piece fits better, that the links look more whole or fuller). This will go a long way in making the patch job look seamless and less conspicuous. Use the wire cutters to trim the patch to these specifications.

Step 2–Patching the Chain Link Fence

The come-a-long is a tool that attaches to the two sides of the hole in the chain link fence. Once the come-a-long is attached to the two sides, you can twist it clockwise. This motion will pull the edges of the fence tight and closer together. This also allows you the ability to place the patch in place without having to worry about holding the chain link fence. When the patch is placed over the hole and the come-a-long is released, the chain link fence will snap back to being tight. This helps with the fence's overall structural integrity.

Hold the patch over the hole in the fence and center it, making sure the cut wires on the fence line up with the links on the patch. Use the pliers to twist these ends together all around the entire perimeter of the patch. Use the wire cutters to clip off any excess wire. This will effectively hold the patch, but once you release the come-a-long, the strength of the fence may pull these wires connections apart. In order to fix this problem, you will essentially be sewing the chain link fence. Use the wires and wrap it around one corner and crimp it to itself. Begin threading the wire around the perimeter around the fence and the patch edges until you reach the crimped edge. Wrap the ends together, crimp them and then cut away the excess. Remove the come-a-long and inspect the chain link fence.