How to Repair a Leaking Concrete Tile Roof

What You'll Need
A-frame ladder
Two crowbars
Replacement tiles
Replacement flashing
Non slip shoes

Though a correctly installed concrete tile roof will usually be durable enough to prove an ideal house covering, this doesn’t stop problems that can arise if it is hit by a tree branch or adverse weather. By carefully following the required steps, you will find it relatively easy to replace any leaking tiles.

    Step 1 – Inspect Roof

    Begin the repair process by examining the entire concrete tile roof to determine the full extent of the damage; this will let you know how many replacement tiles are required. Though you may be able to see damaged tiles from the ground, a proper inspection should still be undertaken in which you directly examine the tiles up close. Doing this will ensure that you do not miss any tiles that are cracked and appear that they are still intact.

    Though you may not be able to access the roof from the attic, you may be able to get an idea of the extent of the damage if there has been water damage to the attic.  

    Step 2 – Gather Equipment

    Once you are aware of how many tiles need replacing, you can be sure that you will get the correct number of replacements. If necessary, remove one of the broken or cracked tiles from the concrete tile roof and take this with you when you purchase new ones. Gather all the other equipment you will need to complete the job, including shoes with suitable soles that will allow you to move around on the roof without breaking further tiles or slipping.  

    Step 3 – Remove Damaged Tiles

    Ascend the ladder with your tools and carefully make your way to the leaking section of the concrete tile roof. If several tiles must be replaced, begin at one end and work your way across. Identify the first tile to be removed and carefully lift the tile above it enough to allow you to slide the crowbar beneath it. Let the length of the crowbar rest diagonally and to the right on the roof that is intact. You can then lift the tile to the left of the one to be removed and keep it held up with the other crowbar. You can then slide the tile out of place, though you may need to raise it first to unhook it from its holding.

    Step 4 – Replace Tiles

    To replace new tiles onto your concrete tile roof, reverse the procedure that you used to remove the tiles. Though the crowbars should provide sufficient clearance to enable you to see the holdings, adjust them if it is necessary. Otherwise, it should be easy to carefully manipulate the tile into place. Once you are satisfied that it is properly aligned with the neighboring tiles, hold onto the raised tiles as you carefully slide the first crowbar from where it is wedged, being careful to avoid scratching any tiles in the process, do the same with the second crowbar. If the broken tiles have caused damage to the flashing, ensure that you also replace this.