How to Repair a Leaky Waterbed

Unless treated badly or allowed to come into contact with a sharp object, a waterbed is unlikely to spring a leak. If your water bag does leak water, first locate the source of the problem.

Step 1 – Locate the Leak

Confirm that there is a leak by checking all around the water bag for damp patches. Dry the water bag as well as possible then apply pressure to see where the water is coming out.

Clearly mark the location of the leak. Most leaks are not so bad that they require the water bag to be emptied before they can be repaired.

Step 2 - Check Your Repair Kit.

You probably received a repair kit with your waterbed, so read the instructions to understand how the repair can be made.

Step 3 - Buy a Repair Kit

If you do not have a repair kit for your bed, find a specialist shop to purchase a kit that is suitable for it. You may have to contact the manufacturer to be sure you get the right one.

Not all repair kits work in the same way, so read instructions carefully before you begin.

Step 4 – Clean and Dry the Area

With your repair kit at the ready, clean and dry the area immediately around the leak. Do not place pressure on the bag so that the leak slows.

Step 5 – Apply the Adhesive

There will usually be a vinyl patch or gluing patch to cover the leak. Apply the adhesive around the leak without applying pressure, or apply the adhesive directly to the patch (whichever the instructions indicate).

Step 6 - Apply the Patch

Carefully apply the patch so that the leak hole will be in the center of the material. Some kits require that the glue be allowed to dry slightly before being applied. Smooth the patch down, but do not apply unnecessary pressure.

Step 8 – Wait for the Patch to Dry

Wait at least 2 hours (or as per instructions) for the glue to dry completely before applying pressure to the water bag.

Step 9 – Refill the Water Bag

If the leak has reduced the content of the water bag, fill it up again.

Step 10 – Try to Find the Cause

Although you have repaired the leak, you have not removed the cause of it. Check around the water bed and in the bedding to make sure there isn’t a sharp object concealed that could undo your good work.

With serious leaks that have a flow of water even without pressure on the water bag, you will probably not be able to do the repair yourself.