How to Repair a Nail Hole in a Wall

What You'll Need
Newspaper or drop cloth
Putty knife
Joint compound
Clean cloth

You can repair a nail hole in your wall in a few steps. The ones listed below will guide you through this simple process.

Step 1 – Cover the Floor

If you are repairing several nail holes in the same area, you may want to consider placing a drop cloth or newspapers to protect the floor covering.

Step 2 – Scrape the Nail Hole

Using a brush or sandpaper, scrape or sand away any loose paint on the drywall surrounding the nail hole.

Step 3 – Wash the Wall

Using water and a mild detergent, clean the area that you have scraped. You don't want residue or dust to inhibit paint from adhering.

Step 4 – Add Joint Compound

After the wall dries, use a small putty knife and remove a small amount of joint compound. Press the compound into the hole with your putty knife. Swipe the joint knife edge over the hole to smooth and remove any excess joint compound. Allow the compound to dry completely.

Step 5 – Sand the Nail Hole

Now sand the area until it is smooth.