How to Repair a Refrigerator Damper Belt

Man moving a bottle inside a refrigerator.
What You'll Need
Screw driver (Phillips head)
New damper belt
What You'll Need
Screw driver (Phillips head)
New damper belt

A refrigerator damper is located at the back of your refrigerator, usually around the top of the unit (on the inside). It helps to keep the moisture out of the refrigerator and freezer whilst keeping it cold enough to prevent spoiling of your food. The belt damper is a component within the damper system, and it helps to drive the motor within the unit to keep the air circulating from inside to the outside of the unit. Sometimes the belt will break or become worn. Below is how to repair or replace your refrigerator damper belt.

Step 1 - Clear the Area

Clear the area inside and around the fridge so that you have plenty of room to work.

Step 2 - Remove the Damper Door

front of a refrigerator

At the back of your refrigerator, you will see a door or a panel. This panel will give you access to the damper and the damper belt. Remove the door. Some doors are held on by clips that can be removed by hand and other doors are held on with screws that will require removal with a screwdriver (usually Phillips head).

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Step 3 - Inspect Inside the Door

Take a look inside the door. If the space is fully wide open, then your belt has either snapped or has come off the damper and is no longer helping to control the amount of air circulation happening within your refrigerator.

Step 4 - Remove the Old Belt

Find the old belt inside the damper system and remove it. Put it in a plastic Ziploc bag.

Step 5 - Note your Refrigerator Make, Model and Year

Before you head to the store to purchase a new damper belt, note the specific information about your refrigerator. On a piece of paper, write down the make, model, and year of your unit or take pictures of the numbers using your cell phone.

Step 6 - Purchase a new Damper Belt

Row of refrigerators

Head to the local home improvement center or to an appliance repair store and purchase a new damper belt, specific to your refrigerator's make and model.

Step 7 - Read the Instructions

Your part probably came with instructions. Pull them out and read through their recommended replacement guidelines.

Step 8 - Replace the Belt

Open your refrigerator back up and open the damper unit. Open the door and slide the belt onto the belt gear. Make sure the damper belt fits properly in place. Rotate the unit with your fingers to see that the belt fits evenly and smoothly. An improperly installed belt will cause additional problems with the cooling component of your refrigerator.

Step 9 - Close Unit

Close up the damper unit on your refrigerator.

Step 10 - Set the Temperature Controls

Reset the temperature controls to your normal specifications.

Step 11 - Place Items Back

Place your food items back in their normal location inside your refrigerator.

Step 12 - Check Unit

Allow a couple hours to go by, and then check your refrigerator. Feel your food and feel inside the unit to check for proper coolness and air flow.