How To Repair A Rocking Chair

What You'll Need
wood glue
a clamp
wax paper

A rocking chair goes through a significant amount of wear and tear over its life. Given its nature and moving parts, traditional rocking chairs and gliding rocking chairs can be susceptible to damage and breakage. However, repairing a rocking chair may not be as difficult as you may perceive. All you need to do is follow a few simple steps to repair a broken rocking chair:

Step 1: Ensure Appropriate Tools & Equipment

In order to make repairs on your rocking chair, you will need to ensure that you have some basic tools. It is possible that the wood may have splintered around the break, in which case you may need some varnish or paint to touch up the repaired area.

Step 2: Glue the Broken Joint Back Together

Keeping your wax paper handy, you should carefully apply the wood glue onto one end of the broken joint and affix the other broken end into solid contact with the glued portion. You can use the wax paper to protect the wood from glue that may spill over when you make the joint.

Step 3: Install the Clamp

Once the joint is securely put together, you can wrap wax paper around the repaired portion as you would apply a bandage to a wound. You need to ensure that the joint stays affixed firmly during this process. Once you are done, carefully install the clamp over the wax paper to secure the joint. Wood glue is slow curing, and will most likely require at least 14 – 16 hours to achieve the desired bonding strength. The wax paper will ensure that any excess glue does not spoil the finish of the chair.

Step 4: Removing the Clamp

Remove the clamp after the curing time and unwrap the wax paper from the repair site. There may be some hardened glue residue that could have been dripped from the joint. This can be easily removed using some fine sandpaper and gently sanding away the hardened glue residue being careful to not damage the wood finish.

Step 5: Finishing the Repair

If there is any exposed wood or unpolished areas around the new joint, or you if the joint is unsightly, you can improve the aesthetic finish by using some finish removing solvent or some sandpaper to remove part of the finish around the area. Gently clean the area around the joint and apply the finish removing solvent, being careful to not let any get into the new joint. Gently and sparingly apply the paint or varnish and blend into the wood until the color matches its surroundings.

Let the varnish or paint dry, and then you are ready to use your precious rocking chair once again.