How to Repair a Roll-Up Awning

What You'll Need
Scrub brush
Awning tape

Three things can make a roll-up awning look bad. If the roll-up awning has mold, mildew or rips it’s going to need to be repaired to return it to good condition and to prevent further damage. Repairing a roll-up awning isn’t difficult, although it will take a little work. The results, however, are worthwhile as your awning will end up looking as good as new.

Step 1 - Starting Cleaning

Begin cleaning by rolling out the awing by 3 feet and secure. Mix up some mild detergent and warm water in a bucket. Whether you have an acrylic awning or a vinyl awning, the same method will work for both types of roll-up awning.

Dip the scrub brush in the detergent and water mix and scrub the mold or mildew stains on the awning. Allow the mix to stay on the awning for 5 minutes. Then, using the hose, rinse with clean water. Repeat the process until the mold or mildew stains have been removed. Keep rinsing with cold water.

Step 2 - More Cleaning

When you’ve removed the stains from the first 3 feet of the awning, roll it out another 3 feet. Repeat the scrubbing and rinsing technique until all the stains have been removed from this section.

Keep going until the awning has been completely unrolled and cleaned. Keep the awning unrolled and allow it to dry in the sun. This will help to prevent mold and mildew forming. If you have to roll up the awning during bad weather, as soon as the rain has passed unroll it again so it can dry. Most mold and mildew will be cause by rolling up the awning when it’s wet and leaving it wet.

Step 3 - Rips

Rips in a roll-up awning make it look terrible. These need to be fixed, and not only for cosmetic reasons. Any rip will only grow bigger over time, especially if you live in a windy area, as the wind will open the rip even further. You can buy awning tape that can close the rips. Don’t try and sew them as the stitches won’t hold. The awing tape will look better if it’s applied on the underside of the swing where it’s less likely to be noticed.

Cut an appropriate sized piece of awning tape. Have the awning rolled all the way out. The piece of tape should be 2 inches larger on all sides than the rip itself.

Step 4 - Completion

The job will be easier if you have someone to help you and hold the two sides of the fabric together as you apply the tape. The more tightly the awning pieces are held together the tighter the repair will be. With the sides in place, press the tape down firmly and then rub to give firm adhesion to the roll-up awning. If there are any special instructions on the package of awning tape, follow these precisely for the best results.