How to Repair a Salt Bridge in a Water Softener

A salt bridge in your water softener will cause your water softener to recharge more often, yet the water won't be softened. It can cause the softener to overflow. It is very easy to fix this problem.

You Will Need

  • Wooden pole (broom or mop handle)
  • Rubber gloves
  • Flashlight

Step 1: Find the Bridge

Since most water softeners are in the basement, you will need your flashlight to look into it. A salt bridge will appear to be a solid, hard crust of salt that is sitting in the bottom of the softener. There may be water over it. Use the wooden pole to see if you can stir the salt all the way to the bottom of the softener. If you can't, you have a bridge.

Step 2: Remove the Bridge

Use the wooden pole to break up the bridge. Some of them can be rock hard and very difficult to break up. Break it up as much as possible. Do not add more salt to the softener. Push the button to recharge the softener and see if it fills and empties properly. If it doesn't, then remove all of the broken up chunks of salt and discard. Put one bag of salt into the softener and recharge.

Step 3: Avoiding Bridging

The best way to avoid bridging is to put no more than one bag of salt in the softener at a time. Be sure to use good, clean salt.