How to Repair a Sliding Screen Door Track

What You'll Need
New door track
New rollers

A sliding screen door track is typically the most common component of a sliding screen door that needs replacing. Over time, the tracks can become worn or bent or the rollers can be damaged, causing the door to slip out of place at times. Fortunately, replacing a door track is not an expensive nor particularly difficult job.

Step 1 – Remove the Old Door Track

First, lift the sliding doors out of the tracks and put them aside. When you have done this, unscrew the door tracks that need replacing. They should be simple enough to remove once you have removed the screws holding them in place. Get a similar door track from your local home improvement DIY store.

Step 2 – Install the New Track

Measure the necessary length of the new track and cut it to the right length using the hacksaw. Lay the new track in place and screw it down into the surface. You may be able to use the old screw holes as well. Make sure that the track is firmly fixed in place. You will likely need to replace the door rollers too so that they fit in the new track. Finally, replace the doors.