How to Repair a Small Rip on a Leather Armchair

A leather armchair is a common and comfortable piece of furniture found in many homes. A leather armchair can be used anywhere in the house, in the bedroom, study room, kitchen, living room or dining room. It is also found in offices. There are many things that can cause damage to a leather armchair. Scratches and cuts can tear the leather.Sometimes, young kids can vandalize leather furniture with razors and other types of sharp instruments. Many people will opt to toss the chair away in the garage or store room and buy a new one. If you do not have the money to replace the torn leather armchair, you can repair the rips and cuts following these simple instructions:

Materials and Tools

  • Leather conditioner
  • Soft cloths
  • Leather cleaner
  • Scissors
  • Sandpaper
  • Leather dye
  • Leather filler
  • Leather glue
  • Leather patch

Step 1 – Find Out If This Is a DIY Job

Find out if you make the repairs yourself at home. This will depend on the type of leather on your armchair. Armchairs that have protected or top-coated leather can be easily repaired at home with DIY kits. If you have special type of leather, then you might need to consult a professional. Protected and top-coated leather is water-resistant, has uniform color, clear grain pattern, cannot lose color and will not easily scratch.

Step 2 – Prepare the Torn Leather

Prepare and clean the ripped leather surface carefully. Clear away any debris and dust from the armchair leather. Wash the leather with a cloth that has been dipped in a solution of dishwashing liquid and water. Rinse the cloth and wash with fresh water. Remove all soap residues and allow to dry. Wipe the part to be repaired using an alcohol wipe. Remove any residues.

Step 3 – Apply Repair Compound

Apply a high-quality repair compound on the torn area, spreading the compound on the external side 0.5 inches inside. Put your finger in a water container and rub the surface making it as smooth as possible. Leave the compound to dry. You can dry the compound using a hair dryer for quick results. When using the hair dryer, ensure that the heat/temperature is kept low and the dryer is kept at a minimum distance from the leather.

Step 4 – Dry the Repair Compound Again

Using a 600-grit sand paper or alcohol wipe, smooth dry the compound. Wipe the compound with an alcohol wipe minimally. Do not wipe too much or else you may remove the repair compound from the leather. Once again, leave the repair compound to dry. Clear away any residues left by the sandpaper.

Step 5 – Apply Protective Coat

Apply protective coating or color coating. This coat is often supplied with the purchase of a repair kit. Apply a thin layer of the first coat. To cover the whole patch on the repair area, apply more coats. This should deepen the color. Allow each coat to dry before applying another coat.

Step 6 - Apply Leather Conditioner

Apply leather conditioner to clean and relax the repair patch. Cleaners and solutions containing ammonia should never be used as they may damage the compound and color finish. Let the conditioner dry and you now have a refurbished leather armchair!