How to Repair a Tiffany Lamp

What You'll Need
Small hammer
Stiff wire brush
Cut glass
Plastic wrap
Small job Liquid Nails

The Tiffany lamp is characterized by the many different sections of glass in the metal frame. While you can take your lamp to a specialist to get it repaired, you can save money by doing the job yourself. Read on to learn how to repair chipped, cracked or broken glass on a Tiffany lamp.

Step 1 – Remove the Broken Glass

Use the small hammer in order to get rid of the glass. If it is cracked, use the small hammer to break it the rest of the way. Using the stiff wire brush, you should be able to get rid of any small shards which try to hold on to the frame. Brush the frame several times in order to make sure there are not any shards of glass remaining you may have missed.

Step 2 – Sketch the Broken Piece

To protect your lamp from any more abuse, you can use a piece of paper to sketch the missing piece of glass. Simply hold the paper up to the hole where the glass used to be and sketch the shape using a pencil. Look over the sketch in order to make sure it looks exactly like the hole where the glass used to be.

Step 3 – Have Some Glass Cut

There are specialists in your city who can cut any glass as you may need. Simply give a specialist the sketch you drew and ask them to cut you a piece of glass to those specifications. You will even be able to choose the color of the glass to either replace the missing piece or change it to a new color of your choosing.

Step 4 – Install the Glass

To install the glass, turn the lamp shade over. Use plastic wrap in order to cover the outside of the lamp. You may need to wrap the lamp twice in order to keep the plastic in place. Put the cut glass in the hole so it rests against the plastic wrap. Use the Liquid Nails in order to seal the glass in place.

When the glue has set, flip the lamp over and remove the plastic wrap. Use the glue on the other side as well to guarantee a tight seal.

Step 5 – Dry the Lamp

Before attempting to use the lamp, make sure the glue has completely set. The best way to dry the glue in a timely manner is to use a fan to blow cool air over the lamp. After two hours, return the shade to the lamp and use as normal. If the glass should become loose, reapply glue.