How to Repair a Vinyl Fence

What You'll Need
Expanding Foam
Plastic Body Filler
Hand Saw
Spray Paint

A vinyl fence is a very popular form of fencing for many urban homes. The vinyl fence not only adds an attractive element to a landscape, but it is low in maintenance. These vinyl fences are mostly made of a non porous material that makes cleaning very easy. This also adds to the durability of the fencing, as it will not crack through water freezing inside the grain. There are some maintenance projects that do require a little more work than a normal cleaning. Here are some steps to repairing a crack, or hole, in a vinyl fence. 

Step 1: Clean Vinyl Fence

Before you do any repair work to the section of the vinyl fence where the crack is located, you should clean it of any dirt and debris. Use a clean cloth with a simple cleaning solution of water and dish detergent. Rinse it off completely and dry with another cloth. 

Step 2: Sand Around Hole in Fence

Wrap a piece of medium grit sandpaper around a small block of wood. You do not want to use an electric sander for this operation, as you can gouge the vinyl or remove excess material. You are only trying to smooth out any burs and sharp edges around the hole. Rub the sandpaper in an area that is about 3 inches around the hole. 

Step 3: Use Expanding Foam to Fill Hole

Take a look at the hole in the vinyl fence. If it is larger than 1 inch in diameter, you will need to use some expanding foam to fill in the hole. Spray the foam into the hole and fill as much of the vinyl fence as you can. Fill the space slowly to allow the foam to expand. Do not stop until the foam begins to come out of the hole in the fence. Let the foam dry overnight before doing any other work to the fence. 

Step 4: Saw Foam Off Fence

Take a small handsaw, a coping saw works well for this, and remove the excess foam from the fence. Cut as close to the fence as you can. 

Step 5: Sand Foam 

After the foam has been cut down, use some medium grit sandpaper to smooth it out flush with the surface of the fence. Then, begin to concave the foam to form an inward dent. 

Step 6: Clean Surface of Vinyl Fence

After all of the sanding, you will need to clean the fence again. Wipe the surface with a damp cloth to remove any dust and debris from the foam and sanding. 

Step 7: Fill Hole With Plastic Filler

Using a small plastic scraper, fill in the area where the hole in the fence is. The purpose for the small indent in the foam is for the filler to be applied. Make sure you smooth it out so that it will be flush with the surface of the fence. 

Step 8: Sand and Paint

Use the fine grit sandpaper and smooth the surface of the plastic filler. Try not to remove too much material that will cause the filler to be lower than the fence. Wipe the area clean and spray paint the color of the fence.