How to Repair a Wooden Screen Door Frame

What You'll Need
Lumber for frame
Staple gun
Circular saw
Measuring tape
Safety glasses

A screen door frame is a common frame which provides support for the screening net which allows ventilation while preventing insects from getting inside the house. Hence, if the wooden frame gets broken, the whole door can collapse since there will be no support for the screening. Here are some easy steps to follow and a list of the required tools in order to repair your wooden screen door frame.

Step 1 – Take Measurements

If the door frame is totally broken it is recommended to replace the entire screen door. Otherwise, you can replace only the parts of the frame that are damaged. Hence, detach the damaged parts from the frame by removing the old nails using the curved part of the hammer (the claw). Then measure the size of the damaged parts in order to determine the exact size of the new frame piece.

Step 2 – Cut the Lumber

Wear a pair of safety glasses and proceed by cutting the frame pieces with the circular saw. Make sure to hold the wood as steady as possible while cutting so that the new frame pieces will fit exactly in the existing frame. If you will find it difficult to handle the lumber while cutting, it’s better to ask for some assistance to hold the lumber firmly.

Step 3 – Install the Frame Pieces

Now that the new frame pieces are cut to the measured size, you can start setting up the frame again. Fit the new pieces in the existing frame and then attach them using some nails. Make sure that everything is fitted correctly so that the frame will look as one piece. Once the new pieces are installed, give a last inspection to see if there are any further damages that need to be repaired.

Step 4 – Apply the Stain

Before attaching the screening, paint the frame with some wood stain to give a great look to the door. Give a couple of coatings for a better result and try to move the brush as evenly as possible. Once the door is completely coated, leave it for a day to dry before installing the screening.

Step 5 – Attach the Screening

If the screening is not damaged you can use the same one for the new door, otherwise it is better to replace rather than trying to repair it with some patches. Hence, position the screening on the wooden frame and use the staple gun to attach it to the frame. Remember to handle the staple gun properly to avoid any unwanted incidents. Once ready, position the door back in place by attaching it to the door hinges.

That’s it. Now the screen door should be ready and in perfect condition. However, always try to keep pets away from scratching it and try to keep pointed objects away. Now you should have proper ventilation inside the house while at the same time total protection from pests.