How to Repair an Aluminum Screen Door

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If you have an old aluminum screen door that has seen better days, you could go out and buy a new one. However, if you are on a budget, you might want to consider repairing your old door and saving a few bucks. Many repairs to screen doors are easier than you might think, and this handy how-to guide will show you just what to do.

Measure Holes In The Screen

Use the measuring tape to measure the dimensions of the tear in the screen on the aluminum screen door. Be sure to add an extra 1/2 inch or so to the measurement on all sides.

Measure and Cut the Patch Screen

Transfer the measurements from the hole in the screen to the piece of mesh screen that you'll be using. Use a pair of heavy-duty scissors to cut the screen a little larger than you need.

(Note - For large holes, you should make the patch screen 1or even 2 inches larger than the diameter of the hole in the screen.)

Mend the Hole

To mend a hole in the screen door, place the patch screen over the hole and begin interweaving the pieces of wire mesh together as neatly as possible. You can use your fingers to blend the strands of the wire mesh screen as needed. Once you have woven the pieces of the new patch screen into the hole, use small amounts of contact cement to attach the new patch screen.

How to Replace the Entire Door Screen

hand repairing screen door with rolling tool

Remove the Door

Remove the aluminum screen door from the hinges, and then set the door on a flat work surface.

Remove the Screen

Use a utility knife to carefully cut out the rubber splines that hold the wire mesh screen in place. Once you have cut out all of the spline material, simply remove the screen and set it aside.

Measure and Cut The Screen

Measure the height and width of the screen opening on the door. Then, transfer the measurements to your replacement screen and cut them to size with a pair of heavy-duty scissors or shears.

(Note - Add about one inch to the height and width measurements before cutting)

Install Screen and New Splines

Use the spline tool to force the screen into the slots on the edges of the screen border. Then, use the other side of the spline tool to press the spline material into place. Do this for all four sides of the screen opening. Trim the excess screen with a utility knife or scissors.

(Note - It is usually easier if you do the left side of the screen first and then the top side of the screen (as the door faces you). This will make installing the spline on the lower and right-hand side of the screen door much easier. It will also allow you to tighten the screen as you go.)

Reinstall The Door

Reinstall the door on the hinges and tighten the hinge retaining screws.