How To Repair Artificial Turf

Though artificial turf requires little maintenance, it is subject to normal wear and tear. Read on to learn how to address simple problems quickly and safely.

Quick Repairs

Occasionally, synthetic turf infill may pull up and away from a seam. To repair, use a common elastic glue adhesive. Run a small bead of the adhesive along the tear and avoid walking on the area for a minimum of 24 hours.

Larger Repairs

Dramatic tears, pulling away of seams or burning of the turf may require treatement from a professional. Keep in mind that artificial turf is subject to burns that are the result of carelessly dropped cigarettes or wear from overuse. If you have this type of damage , it may be necessary to replace large areas of the turf.

Contemporary artificial turf has the look and feel of natural grass and can be extremely effective in creating a yard or entertainment area that needs little maintenance. Regularly check your synthetic lawn for small areas that need repairs. This will prevent small tears from becoming larger and more expensive problems down the line.