How to Repair Bifold Closet Doors

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  • 1-2 hours
  • Beginner
  • 0-20
What You'll Need
Screwdriver or drill

Bifold closet doors have several very common problems that plague homeowners, but luckily they are an easy fix. Bifold doors are the folding style doors that are most often used for closets. Since these doors are constantly sliding along a track to open and close, the hardware tends to become loose and cause issues with the doors getting stuck, loose, or falling off the track completely. This article will detail the common issues that bifold doors have, and give solutions to repair them.

Step 1- Identify the Issue

The first thing you need to do is to figure out what is wrong with the doors. Are they sticking? Too loose? Dragging across the floor? Falling off the track? Once you have identified the issue it will be easier to determine how to fix it. Issues with the door sticking or stuttering are usually caused by issues with the top bracket or track. Falling off the track or being too loose can be both the top bracket and bottom bracket and pivot. Now that you have an idea of what is wrong we will move on to repairing the issue.

Step 2- Fix Sticking and Scraping

The first thing you should do is examine the track and make sure that it hasn't been bent out of place. If the track has been bent you can bend it back into place using your screwdriver as a pry bar, or even just your fingers. Try moving the door again. If it still sticks, look at the track. Sometimes one of the screws that was used to attach the track to the frame comes loose. If you see any screws that look loose, tighten them with your screwdriver. If these steps haven't fixed the problem, we need to work on the top bracket. Right there at the top of the door, inside the track is the top bracket. Close the door and look along the edge of the door as it lines up with the frame. The door edge and frame should line up. If it is even a little off, it could be caused by a loose top pivot and bracket, which have allowed the door to slip sideways out of alignment. Open the door to find a small screw that sticks out of the bracket. This is called the setscrew. Loosen the setscrew slightly. Close the door, and then push or pull the top of the door until it is lined up perfectly with the frame. Make sure that both doors look like they line up, and once the alignment seems back on track, tighten the setscrew. This may take a few tries, but this is what will solve the problem, so be patient.

Step 3- Fix Dragging and Lower Binding

If you have scrape marks on the door frame or a worm edge on the door, you may have a bind on the bottom part of the door. This can be caused by the bottom bracket and pivot becoming loose and slipping. Depending on the type of hardware that you have, you will either need to raise the door slightly to shift the pivot in or out, or you may have to loosen the setscrew and shift the bracket seat. Sometimes the entire bracket has come loose from the frame, because the mounting screws are broken, stripped or even missing. You will need to remove the door to fix or replace the mounting screws.