How to Repair Bowed Wood Shelves

What You'll Need
A level,
Adrill with screw bit like the screws on your shelf,
New screws just in case,
Phillips head or flat head screwdriver

Knowing how to repair bowed wood shelves is only half the challenge. Having a little patience is the best thing. But hopefully this article will help you do both.

Repairing the Shelves

Step 1 - Finding the Bad Shelves

First determine what shelves are bowed. You are going to change out the shelf for one on the bottom of the shelf provided the bowed shelf is one of the upper shelves.

Step 2 - Preparing the Shelf

Empty the shelving unit and turn it upside down if it can be done. Look for the brackets on the bottom of the shelving unit.

Step 3 - Fixing the Shelf

Using the level, make sure that the brackets are aligned evenly. Remove the screws and brackets, using either the screw driver or the drill.  Remove the shelf and check it to see if it is bowed or if it was indeed the brackets. If the brackets are out of alignment, proceed to the next bracket hole and line up the holes, then replace the bracket. If it was not the bracket and the shelf itself is bowed or warped, turn it upside down with the bowed end up on the bottom shelf. This way it will be pushed back down and, being on the bottom, will not be as noticeable.

Step 4 - Finishing Up

Replace the shelving on the unit and return your items to the shelf.