How to Repair Broken Roof Joists

What You'll Need
Wooden boards 4 feet
Steel plates 4 feet
Screw Gun
Wood Screws

Among the strongest roofing techniques used today, using roof joists is the best roof binding technique. A broken roof joist may result various difficulties. In case the joist is too much damaged, it could make the roof to droop or perhaps the roof may fall also. You can overcome this problem relatively effortlessly by using proper materials and tools and employing someone to assist you. It will need carefully following a few steps. Nonetheless, as a way to maintain the structure’s strength it may be necessary to repair any broken or damaged roof joist. The roof joists are joined to form  triangular lumber frames fixed to each other with nails and pegs. Many times, these joists are joined together with bolts to make a structure for supporting the roof. Generally, these joists are prefabricated, but it is easy to install them and repair them.

Step 1 – Initial Preparation

Get to the roof and find out the extent of the damages on the joists. Identify and mark the joists needing repairs. The roof joist is made of wood. If there are minor cracks, these can be repaired by reinforcing the joist by nailing wooden planks to it. If the crack is still bigger, it may be possible to support it by using steel plates and fixing them with the screws. The plates can provide a great reinforcement to the trusses. After your assessment of the damage, you can use either of the two alternatives to enclose and support the joists.

Step 2 – Marking the Positions

Decide the type of reinforcement you want to provide on the joist. Use a ladder to get to the joist to be repaired. Get the material to the roof with the assistance of some person. Make it a point that you are at the same level as the joist. Mark the position for mounting the supporting planks or plates to be fixed on the joist so that the crack is totally covered and is in the middle of them. Also ensure that the planks or plates are much longer than the length of crack or damage.

Step 3 - Fixing the Planks or Plates

Place the planks/plates on the marked position. Drill holes for fixing the screws. Fix the reinforcement board/plate on one side of the joist with the help of long wood screws. Do not use nails and avoid hammering the joist: It can enhance the damage. Now, fix another reinforcement plank/plate on the other side of the joist in the same manner.

Fix the third plank/plate on the lower side of joist. While fixing this, you can get down to its level to work more conveniently. Take the assistance to hold and install this plank/plate. Avoid getting under the joist to prevent the dust falling into your eyes. It is better to use eye protection.  Move to the other joist to complete the repairs in the same way.