How to Repair Chipped Blind Kitchen Base Cabinets

What You'll Need
Fine grit sandpaper
Wood putty
Wood glue (optional)
Touch-up paint or finish

Kitchen base cabinets tend to see more abuse simply because of their location. Since many people use blind cabinets to store small appliances and cookware, it's not uncommon for them to become chipped with use. This can look unsightly if it isn't corrected. It's simple to repair a chipped blind base cabinet with a few household materials.

Step 1 - Sand the Area

If the chip is just in the finish, you can simply sand it down and refinish it. If you have the part that has chipped, you can put this aside and use it later. Sand the chipped area and slightly around the chip so you have a smooth surface to work with.

Step 2 - Use Putty or Glue

If you are going to reattach the piece that has chipped, go ahead and apply a small amount of wood glue and place the chip back. If you don't have the chipped piece and there is a deep scratch or gouge along with the chipped area, use the wood putty to fill this in. Wait for it to dry and sand it again to create a uniform surface.

Step 3 - Finishing

Use the touch up paint or stain to touch up the area that you just repaired. Allow plenty of time to dry before using the cabinet base again.