How to Repair Clay Tile Roof Flashing

What You'll Need
Heavy Duty Cloth Gloves
Slate Ripper
New Flashing
Sub Flashing
Copper Nails
Straight-Cutting Tin Snips
New clay Tiles
Tile Nails

Knowing how to repair a clay tile roof flashing can save your home from extreme water damage. The most common locations for flashing are valleys, roof penetrations, eaves, skylights, ridges and chimneys, and are used to waterproof the roof. Flashing is the last defensive stop before water penetration.

In order to effectively repair, the flashing must be replaced. The chimney and roof are exposed to all the elements and a lot of wear and tear occurs over time. By climbing on the roof, money can be saved on calling a roofer. Make sure to be safe and invest in safety equipment before taking the climb.

Step 1 - Remove Tiles

Put on the gloves. Using the slate ripper, remove the tiles around the stack flashing. In order to obtain access to these tiles, some tiles may need to be removed which are adjacent.

Step 2 - Clean Up

Once the tiles are removed, there are many different things that will be found. Debris, dirt and broken tiles, amongst others, must be picked up and removed. Also remove the old flashing. There may be tar that was used with the old flashing, remove as much as possible. Since flashing is metal, be careful not to get cut.

Step 3 - Install Base Support

A sub flashing made of copper sheet metal is nailed down, becoming base support for the new flashing. It is also prevention for sagging under the lower roof tile. In using the support, it is another layer water needs to gets through in order to reach the home.

Step 4 - Install New Flashing

Use copper nails to secure flashing. Hammer to the roof deck. Make sure the sides are bent, both up and back; this stops water from moving sideways. The water always needs to be directed away from any place where is can seep in. Some homes have a pipe on the roof along with the chimney. It is important to install flashing on the pipe as well. Use caulking to attach flashing to the pipe. The flashing should be taller than the pipe. Use the straight-cutting tin snips and cut the top above the old pipe. Bend it into the top of the pipe. This ensures a water tight seal.

Step 5 - Replace Roof Tiles

Trim and install new roof tiles. The new clay roof tiles must match the ones already on the roof. Use tile nails to secure. When replacing, the tile must be laid down in the same direction and fashion as well. It is recommended to work from left to right.

Clay tiles are unique, in that there is extra care needed when handling them. Taking care of the roof is important, both for the exterior and interior of a home.