How to Repair Cracked Concrete Stair Treads

What You'll Need
Cold chisel
Putty Knife
Work gloves
Wood float
Eye protection
Clear silicone caulking
Plastic sheeting
Small sledge hammer
Concrete bonding agent and brush
Ready mix concrete
Concrete mixer
Caulking gun and waterproof caulk
Air compressor
Small cracks

Over time, concrete stair treads tend to crack and break. If you know how to fix cracked stair treads yourself, it can save you money and hassle of calling a handyman. As long as you are prepared, you won’t have to call in a professional.

Step 1 – Clean Out Hairline Cracks

Clean out hairline cracks by using an air compressor to force air into the crack. If you do not have an air compressor, you can use a thin piece of wire.

Step 2 – Use the Silicone

Use the silicone to fill the crack. Push the silicone caulking down inside the crack with the putty knife. You can then use the putty knife to smooth and even out the silicone so that it is flush with the concrete.

Step 3 – Let the Caulking Sit

Cover the silicone caulk so that will be undisturbed as it dries. This process should take between 2-3 hours.

Large Cracks

Step 1 – Fix the Larger Cracks

Larger cracks cannot be repaired like the smaller cracks as described above. Use the sledgehammer and chisel to make the crack larger by making the bottom of the crack at least 1-inch wide. You should cut out cement so that the bottom of the crack looks like a reverse “V”.

Step 2 – Remove Loose Debris

Use the air compressor or a vacuum to flush out any debris that may be inside the crack. Make sure to have the crack completely clear of any fragments or pieces.

Step 3 – Use the Bonding Agent

With a brush, paint the bonding agent onto the crack and allow it to set. This will help the bonding between the new and old concrete.

Step 4 – Mix the Concrete

Prepare the concrete in the concrete mixer. You can do this while your bonding agent is being set. Follow the directions on the concrete to get the best results.

Step 5 – Pack the Repairing Material

Use a wood float to pack down the repair material into the crack. Make sure it’s level.

Step 6 – Texture the Surface

It will take about half an hour for your concrete mixture to set. Afterwards you can take a stiff paintbrush to add texture to the patch to prevent slippage.

Step 7 – Cover the Patch

Cover the patch with plastic sheeting and leave it in place for about 3 days. Make sure to remove the plastic about once daily so you can mist the patch with water. This will prevent cracks and damage that occur from concrete drying too quickly.


  • Make sure to wear your protective gear at all times.
  • Add a concrete sealant to your stairs to help prevent damage.
  • Washing your stairs can help reduce salt build up that can damage them.
  • Always use the right tools so that you can avoid damage to yourself and your property.