How to Repair Cracked Copper Gutters

What You'll Need
Soldering gun
Copper flux
Rivet driver
Copper sheet
Tin snips
Tape measure
Work gloves
Rubber mallet

Copper gutters are very expensive and replacing them will cost a small fortune. Over time copper gutters can become damaged due to oxidation. When oxidation is severe the copper gutters can crack. You can repair the crack yourself and the following article will explain how.

Step 1 – Measure the Crack

Use the tape measure and measure the length of the crack as well as the width. You can use these measurements to purchase a suitable piece of copper.

Step 2 – Cut the Patch

Use the measurements and transfer them to the patch material. Trim the material with the tin snips. Be careful as the edges will be very sharp.

Step 3 – Rivet the Patch

Patching copper gutters is a process that requires two steps. This is the first step of that process. Place the patch inside the gutter and hammer it so it matches the form of the gutter. Attach the patch inside the gutter with several rivets along the perimeter.

Step 4- Soldering

Use the soldering; solder the copper flux around the riveted patch inside the copper gutters. Sweat the solder so that it seals the edges and ½-inch in from the edge. This will ensure a proper seal.