How to Repair Cracked Wainscot Panelling

  • 1 hours
  • Beginner
  • 15
What You'll Need
Wood putty
Putty knife
Utility knife

Wainscot paneling is usually installed over a flat wall surface to give character and a finished look to a room. They are very commonly used as the lower section of a wall under the chair rail molding. Wainscoting can be installed in any room of a home but is generally found in dens, family rooms, dining rooms, and bathrooms. When there is a crack in the wainscoting it is an easy process to repair it.

Step 1 - Clean Crack in Paneling

Using the utility knife clean out the crack that is in the wainscoting. If it is a large enough crack you can use a chisel. However, these cracks in the paneling are normally small stress cracks. Clean out any splinters or loose pieces of wood.

Step 2 - Apply Wood Putty

Place a little wood putty between your fingers or a putty knife and work it firmly into the crack pushing as much of it as you can inside the crack. Make sure that the putty fills the crack completely. Use the putty knife to spread it out evenly over the surface and feather it into the surrounding wood as much as possible.

Step 3 - Sand Putty Smooth

Allow the wood putty to dry until it has hardened enough to be able to be sanded without coming back out of the opening. Sand it smooth with 120 or 160 grit paper.