How to Repair Cracks in a Slate Shower Floor

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What You'll Need
Epoxy glue
Grit sandpaper
Hair dryer
Toothpick or small makeup spatula
New slate tile
Cement tile adhesive
Grout mix
Grout float
Mild detergent
Oxygen bleach
Natural stone Cleanser
Distilled Water

Aside from being unsightly, a crack in a slate shower floor can cause accidents. A cracked shower floor can be repaired by either sealing the cracked slate or replacing the slate entirely.

Step 1 - Determine the Course of Action

Sometimes the crack is so mild that the slate tile can be repaired with epoxy glue; however, when the tile is more damaged than a crack, it is best to replace the damaged tile. For minor repair, proceed to Step 2. For tile removal and replacement, proceed to Step 3.

Step 2 - Seal With Epoxy

Clean the damaged tile with detergent and water. Disinfect it with oxygen bleach solution. Use a hair drier to dry the cracked tile thoroughly.

Mix the epoxy according to the packaging instructions. Incorrect mixing leads to poor quality. Use a toothpick to apply the epoxy glue in small quantities. Push the epoxy into the crack and apply more until it overflows. Remove excess epoxy with a cloth. Cure according to the packaging instructions.

Sand the filled area to level the epoxy glue with the surface of the stone. Proceed with Step 4.

Step 3 - Remove and Replace

Measure the slate tile and buy a replacement. Use a thin chisel to remove the grout around the cracked tile. Hammer the center of the damaged to widen the crack. Remove the fragments all of the fragments. Dry the voided space with a hair dryer. Chisel the remaining mortar or tile adhesive. Grout the area and use sandpaper to even the floor.

Prepare the thinset mortar or cement tile adhesive and apply it to the tile. Attach the tile. Adhere to the manufacturer’s drying time. Mix the grout with water and apply it in the space around tile using a rubber float. Wipe away the excess film. Let it dry.

Step 4 - Neutralize

Wash the stone with a natural stone cleanser and rinse it with distilled water. Dry the tile with a hair dryer.

Step 5 - Apply Sealer

Apply several coats of sealer on the repaired or newly replaced slate tile. Allow it to dry thoroughly.