How to Repair Cracks in Stamped Colored Concrete

What You'll Need
Color Patch or Colored Cement Paste
Concrete Bond Polymer
Rubber Gloves
Wooden Tongue Depressor or Putty Knife
Concrete Cleaning Materials
Ready-made Concrete Mix
Surface Release Powder
Concrete Stamp
Soap and Acid Wash
Wire Brush

Stamped colored concrete may develop cracks after the stamping process or after long exposure to traffic and other external elements. When this happens, the cracks need to be repaired in order to prevent them from getting bigger. Here are some helpful steps to follow in order to get them repaired without having to replace them with new ones.

Step 1 – Preparing the Surface

The first step involves cleaning the concrete surface to prepare it for patching repairs. Use a wire brush if necessary in order to get the dirt out of the cracks. If not, use a scrub or a brush along with some soapy water. Allow the water to wash off the residue.

Step 2 – Choosing the Color of the Patch

The color of the patch should match the color of the stamped colored concrete exactly or at least be as close as possible. If the crack is a bit small, a closely related color will not be as noticeable, but when the crack is large, it may require an exact match in order to conceal the repair.

Step 3 – Mixing the Color Patch

To prepare the color patch, simply wet the color patch material with a 50:50 mixture of water and concrete bonding polymer. Make sure that the consistency is correct. Refer to the manufacturer's instructions for recommended proportions.

Step 4 – Applying the Patch

If the cracks are relatively small, wear rubber gloves and smear the patch into small cracks by hand. Make sure that entire crack is filled completely. For larger cracks, scoop the patching material with a tongue depressor or a putty knife. Apply the patch carefully on the cracks. Wet a sponge, squeeze off excess water, and use it to even out the patches on the edges of the cracks. Wait for 24 hours for the patch to cure.

Step 5 – Re-stamping

If the cracks are just too large to repair using patches, the best way to repair it is to fill it in with concrete, re-color and re-stamp.  Prepare the exact concrete stamp previously used in the stamping process. The stamp can be rented from a concrete stamping store or service provider. In addition, buy a surface release powder that has the same color as the stamped concrete.

Remove any loose concrete and clean the entire surface. Prepare a sufficient amount of concrete mix in a container. Make sure to mix water slowly until the correct consistency is achieved. Pour enough concrete mix on the crack and smooth it with a trowel. While the concrete is still wet, pour in the surface release powder according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Stamp on the concrete firmly. After 24 hours, clean the powder residue with soap, acid wash and a brush. Wash with water and allow it to dry before resealing.