How to Repair Driveway Brick Pavers

brick pavers with built-in design
  • 1-10 hours
  • Intermediate
  • 0-150
What You'll Need
Garden hose
Replacement brick
Wire brush
White vinegar
Detergent (without bleach)
Plastic bucket
Mortar mix
Jointing tool
Acrylic paint

Among household landscaping elements, driveway brick pavers are among the most common of surfaces. Driveway brick pavers often need a basic repair. This is because they are subjected to daily wear and tear besides issues like oil leaks, pressure of water hoses and neglectful handling. A homeowner can easily execute basic driveway brick paver repairs using the following information.

Step 1 - Get Started

You need to prepare the repair surface. This is done by thoroughly cleaning it. Start by sweeping the entire driveway surface. This helps to dispel the dry dust. Using a mixture of tap water and white vinegar, wipe-off the oil stains. You can also use a soft-bristled brush for cleaning the grime. Repeatedly, wash the pavers with a garden hose.

This is the easiest way to dispel the grime impacted deep within the crevices. If you plan to use detergents, don’t use powders with bleach as bleach can induce discoloration. You can use a wire brush to clean-out the smaller debris.

Step 2 - Inspect Paver Brick

You need to assess the degree of damage on the paver brick that needs repairing. Loosen the brick with a hammer and chisel. Remove the brick and inspect it thoroughly. If the cracks are superficial, you can easily repair the brick. If the brick appears damaged, you need to replace it.

Step 3 - Prepare for Brick Replacement or Surface Repair

weeds and grass coming up through paver stones

If the brick has slight cracking on the exposed side, you can still use it. This is done by turning the cracked side inwards, i.e. towards the inner mortar lining and patching the new, external surface. If you plan to replace the brick, get a suitable replacement. Matching the color of the replacement brick and the driveway paver surface is crucial. This ensures the replaced brick isn't obvious.

Step 4 - Prepare Mortar Mix

Prepare the mortar mix for repairing/replacing the paver brick. Start by preparing a small test batch. Mix the mortar according to its packaged instructions. Scoop out a small portion of this mix with a trowel. Let the mortar mix dry for a few minutes. Now, check the mix for color consistency and overall thickness. The color should be somewhat similar to the mortar lining of the existing brick paver. The consistency shouldn’t be too thick or thin, i.e. it should be workable without having an easy flow.

Step 5 - Apply Mortar to Paver Surface

Scoop some mortar mix with the trowel. Apply the mortar along the inner side of the paver surface from where the brick was retrieved. Make this mortar lining about 1/8-inch thick.

Step 6 - Apply Mortar for Brick Repair

mortar in a bucket

If you are replacing the paver brick, proceed by wetting one side of the brick. Spread some mortar on the wet side of the brick and spread it evenly using the trowel. Place this brick within the mortar-layered surface. If you are repairing the paver brick, use the cracked side as the interior side, i.e. wet it and layer it with mortar. Place it in the same manner.

Step 7 - Wrap-up Driveway Brick Paver Repair

Push down upon the repaired/replaced brick. This helps to squeeze-out excess mortar. Scrape-off the excess mortar with the trowel. Using a moistened cloth, wipe the mortar off the brick. Use a jointing tool to contour the edges of the repaired brick. Allow the mortar to dry, for at least a day. Finish the repair surface by painting it in accordance with the hue of the surrounding paver surface.