How to Repair Etched Glass

What You'll Need
Soap and water
Clear enamel
Casting resin
Cotton wool
Methylated spirits
Single blade razor
Craft knife

Repairing etched glass is a handy skill to have, especially for those who are artistically inclined. Making mistakes in glass painting is common and sometimes you may feel like throwing the whole project into the trash to start all over again. The most common mistakes in glass painting are caused by outline pens, acrylic paste and methylated based glass paints. Although they are different materials, they can all be fixed with methylated spirit. An outline pen is usually used in creating overhead projectors. It is also used in methylated based glass painting. Due to the fact that that they are used in thicker 3D outlines, they can be removed with clean methylated spirits.

Step 1: Wash the Area

First, you must wash the area. If it is only a small amount of damage, you will notice that it appears immediately after it is created because of the leftover deposit of the glass powder from the cut. It is necessary to use a wet cloth to wipe it and rinse it with a dry cloth.

Step 2: Apply a Coat of Enamel

If the mistake is not gone, you can apply a coat of enamel over it. If the damage is still visible, you can reapply an enamel coat to the spot. The application of clear enamel can help to make the spot transparent if there are too many lines.

Step 3: Incorporate the Mistake into Your Design

If it is not possible to hide the mistake, you can incorporate it into your design. You should observe the design carefully to see if there is any way to incorporate the line. It is possible to turn the etching mistake into a pattern of small lines or white etched area.  If the etching mistake occurs outside the required area, add extra elements to incorporate it into the design.

Step 4: Use Casting Resin

If the art glass mistake is too deep, fill in the etched area with two parts of casting resin. When filling with resin, make sure the glass is positioned on one side to prevent the liquid resin from dripping out.

Step 5: Use Methylated Spirits

Etching mistakes caused by the outline pen and methylated based glass paints can be removed with clean methylated spirits. Pour some methylated spirits into a jam jar and cover it with a lid; after that, use a newspaper to cover the table and put the glass on the paper. Next, dip a clean cotton bud into the clean methylated spirits and gently roll the cotton bud on the mistake. As you do this, notice that the pen ink is absorbed into the cotton bud. You should continue to dip in and roll again until all the mistake has disappeared on the glass.

In general if the paint is still wet, use wet cotton wool to wipe away the mistake and if it is a large mistake area, use a moistened paper towel to wipe off the paint. Single razor blades or craft knifes can be used to scrape off the design after the paint is dried.