How to Repair Fiberglass Swimming Pools

What You'll Need
Swimming Pool Gel
Swimming Pool Resin
Orbital Random Sander
Garden Hose
Long Handled Paint Roller
Sand Blaster (preferred)

Fiberglass swimming pools are durable and eye-catching and will last you for many years if you take proper care of them. Some fiberglass pools are not made as well as others and will require you spend more time on repairs, so if you have not purchased yours yet, or you are considering replacing your swimming pool with a fiber glass pool, be sure to check user ratings on the pools. If it has become time to repair your fiberglass pool then read on for instructions on how to do so.

Step 1 - Drain Pool

Drain all the water completely from your swimming pool. Let the empty pool dry.

Step 2 - Repair Larger Cracks

If you have cracks bigger then 1/8 inch you may want to consider having a professional come out and repair it, since it could mean the dirt may be missing from behind it. If you repair a larger crack yourself that is fine, just be aware it could crack again. To repair minor cracks fill with resin, let dry and sand down.

Step 3 - Sanding Pool

You will want to sand entire surface area to remove the old gel coat. The gel coat is usually white or blue. Do not sand the resin off of the pool with the gel coat. It will save you considerable time if you are able to sandblast it. If not, you can use your orbital random sander at this time.

Step 4 -Clean Out Pool

You now need to clean the pool from all the particles from sanding. Simply spray out with your garden hose and put on an application of solvent. Let this dry before continuing to the next step.

Step 5 -Apply Resin

Put down a layer of resin before you add your gel coating to your pool.

Step 6 - Gel Coat Applications

It will take more of your gel coat during the first application then the second. Use your paint roller to apply gel to your entire pools surface. Let your gel dry completely. You will know it is dry when it is not tacky. Add your second coat of gel, once again to entire pool, as mentioned earlier this should not take as long as the first coat. A third application may be added if desired. Keep in mind however that these applications all need to be applied in the same day, so make sure you have given yourself enough time for the drying periods.

Step Seven- Fill Pool With Water

Fiberglass swimming pools always need to have water in them except during repairs. Leaving the water out will be a costly mistake.

Now that you have done the hard part, you will be able to enjoy your pool once again for many years to come. This method of repair is for the entire pool. If your gel coat is in relatively good shape just use the resin to repair cracks. Call a professional for larger cracks that fiberglass repair kits cannot handle.