How to Repair Glass Block Wall Mortar

What You'll Need
Glass block mortar mix (different from other types of mortar)
Trowel or spade
Mixing space and stick
Waterproofing material or sealant

A glass block wall can provide a truly unique and interesting variation on the standard wall. Glass blocks can be colored or translucent, and you can set them up in a variety of patterns and designs. Whether for indoor or outdoor use, a glass block wall provides an interesting aesthetic and a stylish look for your home. Read on for a step by step guide to repairing glass block wall mortar if it should become damaged or cracked.

Step 1 - Analyze the Damage

Take a look at the glass mortar closely. Do you notice cracks and other damage in the spaces? Depending upon how deep these cracks are, they may be either a minor nuisance that oculd potentially become more serious, or they may already be a serious problem that threatens the stability of your wall. Check on the other side of the wall for signs of cracks in the same places; if the cracks run through the mortar, you'll need to consider completely removing the bricks in that area and reapplying new mortar. If, on the other hand and in the more common situation, your glass block mortar is simply showing signs of wear and tear but is structurally sound, you can repair it with some new mortar applied to the existing wall.

Step 2 - Mix the Mortar

Follow the instructions on the glass block mortar to mix it up with water in a wheelbarrow, bucket or some other container. Use a stick to stir up the mortar mixture thoroughly. You may not need a great deal of mortar to repair a minor crack or chipped area, but it's good to mix up more than you'll need anyway, as mortar material of this type is relatively inexpensive.

Step 3 - Apply the Mortar

Use the trowel or spade to apply a small portion of the mixture onto the cracked space in the existing mortar. If it's a chipped area, use a bit more mortar.

Step 4 - Seal Up the Mortar

If your mortar has shown signs of water damage or exposure damage for some other reason, it may be a good idea to seal it up with a waterproofing agent. This can help to protect the integrity and the appearance of the mortar both. These sealants and materials are available from a variety of places, including hardware and home improvement stores. Use a small amount and be sure that the mortar is dried before you apply the sealant to the outside of the mortar.

If you have any other questions, or the problem seems to be more serious, you may consider hiring a contractor to come to your home and take a look at the wall in order to get a professional opinion about the situation.