How to Repair Granite Bathroom Countertops

granite countertop
What You'll Need
Lint free towel or cloth
Granite cleaner
Masking tape
Granite Epoxy
Safety Gloves
A razor blade

Granite bathroom countertops are not only a lovely bathroom addition, but they are also a durable and versatile hard surface. You can purchase granite in many finishes and colors. It has come down in price through the years and replaced vinyl in new designs because of its durability and beauty.

Wear and tear can sometimes cause scratches and chips in the granite. There are a few things you can do to repair the cracks and scratches to make the countertop looking like new. Just follow these steps.

Step 1 - Clean the Surface

Clear the surface and apply granite cleaner with a sponge. Wipe it squeaky clean. Dry the countertops with a lint free clean towel.

Step 2 - Prepare the Damaged Area

Block the damaged area with masking tape. Add 1-inch of extra masking tape around the affected area.

Step 3 - Put on Gloves

You will be using chemicals that could do harm your skin. Wear dish gloves.

Step 4 - Mix Granite Epoxy

Purchase granite epoxy from the local home improvement center. Read the instructions thoroughly and mix the epoxy accordingly. Apply the epoxy to the damaged area with a putty knife.

Smooth the epoxy over the damaged area. Wipe away the excess with a razor blade. Wipe the razor blade on a disposable towel for easy clean-up.

Step 5 - Allow the Epoxy to Dry

Allow the epoxy to dry completely for 48 hours. Refer to the instructions that come with the epoxy filler, as some of the materials differ in their drying times.

Step 6 - Apply a Sealer

Seal the affected area. Refer to the directions on the product to make sure you apply it correctly. The sealer should be applied before replace anything on the countertop. Remove the tape and use your counter as usual.