How to Repair Half-Round Gutters

What You'll Need
Lengths of gutter
Putty knife
Protective gloves

Broken, cracked or chipped half-round gutters can leak water that causes damage to your home. To protect your home from damages, you need to keep your half-round gutters in good condition all the time. You do not need to invest a lot of money on professional services to keep your gutters in perfect condition. You can do minor and even major repairs on half-round gutters all by yourself. To repair half-round gutters at home, here is what you should do.

Step 1 – Determine the Damage on Your Half-round Gutter System

Remove all the obstructions and debris on the gutter. Make sure that the downspout is free from any obstructions. After cleaning the gutter and the downspout, inspect and assess the condition of your half-round gutter system before making any repairs. When inspecting the gutter system, pay close attention to the junctions, joints and elbows. These areas are more likely to sustain damages so take the time to assess their conditions.

Step 2 – Repair and Replace Damaged Gutter

If the gutter damage is not so bad and it does not affect the overall function of the gutter, you need not replace the gutter. Simply put caulk or sealant of the cracks and breaks especially around the seams. On the other hand, if damage interferes with the functions of the gutter, you need to remove the old gutter and install a new one.

To remove the damaged sections of the half-round gutter, loosen the screws that are holding the gutters together. If the screws are corroded, put lubricants on them then tap them with a hammer to shake off some of the corrosion before you attempt to loosen them. After removing the screws, use your putty knife to scrape off the sealant on the junction of the gutters. Pry the gutters free from each other with the use of a flat heat knife then use your hand to pull the damaged gutter out. Once the old gutter is out of the way, clean the area thoroughly and remove any corroded materials.

To install the gutter replacement, put sealant on the lip of the gutter and then put it place. Press the lip of the new gutter on the connector then replace the screws. Add more sealant over the junction of the new and the old gutter to seal off any leaks and cracks.

Step 3 – Replace Elbow Connectors and Downspouts

If the elbow connectors and downspouts of your gutter system are corroded beyond repair, you need to replace them as well. To do this, remove the screws and straps that are holding the elbow connectors and downspouts in place. Install the new elbow connectors and downspouts then secure them in place using screws and straps.

Step 4 – Secure Sagging Gutter

If you gutter sag in some places, use metal straps to hold them in position at the roof line. After installing the metal straps, apply sealant to the leaks.

Step 5 – Install Gutter Guards and Screens

To protect your gutter from debris and obstructions, install gutter guards and screens.