How to Repair Motorcycle Seat Covers

  • 2-4 hours
  • Beginner
  • 35-50
What You'll Need
Leather repair kit
Leather patch
Pair of tweezers

With the normal use of a motorcycle, motorcycle seat covers will be subject to wear and tear. Whether the damage is a result of wear or it is accidental, it is beneficial to be aware of how to repair it. Following the steps to complete this task will ensure that the damage is not allowed to worsen.

Step 1 – Prepare

The first step is to tidy the damaged section of the motorcycle seat covers to ready it for repair. For example, if the existing seat cover has suffered a tear, any frayed edges will need to be cut to leave clean lines.

Step 2 – Insert Patch

The spare leather patch can be inserted into the recess created by the damage, which will form a backing for the repair. Gradually push the patch into place using a pair of tweezers, making sure it is laid flat.

Step 3 – Finish

The repair kit will contain a glue that can be used to affix the patch to the repair site of the motorcycle seat covers. Once this has been allowed to dry, the sealant contained in the kit can be applied to cover the entire area. Leave this to dry thoroughly before using the seat as normal.