How to Repair or Replace Bamboo Curtain Rings

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Bamboo curtain rings are designed to attach draperies to a pole. The rings usually have that jointed bamboo style that could beautifully hold and slide the curtain. Most people use bamboo curtain rings for their shower curtains. The use of bamboo curtain rings adds a natural touch to your bathroom. However, bamboo curtain rings will also age and stop looking good since they are a natural material. They can also become damaged. You might consider repairing or changing with a new set of bamboo curtain rings.

Buying New Bamboo Curtain Rings

Most do-it-yourselfers will opt to replace them with a new set of bamboo curtain rings instead of repairing the broken ones. It always feels nice to have something new and fresh inside the house. When buying new bamboo curtain rings, you need to consider looking at the style. These curtain rings come in different several designs. One example of a design is a bamboo ring with a metal clip. The mix of bamboo and metal is emphasized and highlighted on the ring. However, there are also some rings that are entirely made of bamboo, and some that are a mix of bamboo, and various plastic materials.

A bamboo design can complement any given style but it’s always better if you try to make it even more beautiful, say by matching the designs. So you need to determine what design of bamboo curtain rings would fit your own particular style of home decoration. You need to look at the current decoration you have in your curtain as well as the design of your curtain rods.

Choosing Your Bamboo Curtain Rings

You need to make sure that the bamboo curtain ring you buy matches the design of your curtains and curtain rods. If you want to change your curtains, you should still consider matching the designs.

Keeping the Old One

You may choose to repair your old rings rather than trying to find new ones. For bamboo rings that are broken, you can use strong glue to attach the broken parts. If you're an artistic type of person you can consider painting the rings to give them a new design and also to hide the joint of the broken parts. However, if putting the broken parts back together is difficult for you, then perhaps you should consider buying a new set instead.

You shouldn't worry about broken bamboo curtain rings because that only happens if you don’t know how to use the rings or are not careful when using them. Bamboo is a strong material that is ideal for holding curtains. When you use bamboo curtain rings, especially those which are designed with a metal clip, you need to ask for instructions on how to open the clip. In most cases, it is usually the improper releasing of the metal clip that can cause damage to the ring.