How to Repair Rear Truck Window Seal

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  • 1-3 hours
  • Beginner
  • 40-80
What You'll Need
Trim stick
Flat screwdriver
New Gasket
Nylon cord
Soapy water

If your truck rear window seal has become less efficient than you would like, it may be time to replace it. Fortunately, most trucks are designed to make it relatively easy to make this repair yourself. By following the steps below, you should be well on your way to installing your new window seal and enjoying a more efficient driving experience.

Step 1 - Remove Trim

If there is trim surrounding the window itself, you will need to remove this in order to have access to the window. In order to do this, look for clips along the outside of the trim and release them. Use a trim stick to work your way around the edges of the trim until you have removed the entire piece.

Step 2 - Pry Off Old Seal

From inside the truck, take a flat-head screwdriver and insert the end under the lip of the old rubber seal gasket. Work your way around the entire inside edge of the seal with the screwdriver, prying the old seal away as you work your way around.

Step 3 - Remove Glass

You will need to remove the glass rear window of your truck before you will be able to complete this repair effectively. While you are working your way around the inside lip of the seal gasket from the previous step, begin to gently push on the glass from the inside, so that it protrudes slightly outside of your truck. When you have completed this step, slip into the bed of your truck and remove the glass entirely from the outside.

Step 4 - Remove Gasket Seal

When you have removed the glass window entirely from the back of your truck, work your way around the window itself, removing the rubber gasket seal from the edge of the window.

Step 5 - Install New Gasket Seal

After purchasing a new gasket seal, insert the rear window of your truck into it, carefully securing it around all edges. On the outside of the seal, in the recess where the gasket will fasten to your truck, thread a nylon cord around the entire length of the gasket.

Step 6 - Lubricate the Gasket Seal

Next, you will need to lubricate both the rubber seal itself and the lip on the back window frame of your truck with soapy water.

Step 7 - Reinstall the Window

Position the bottom of the rubber seal along the bottom lip of the rear window frame of your truck. While putting firm pressure on the window (you may need a partner to help you with this part), begin by pulling out the nylon cord from the gasket, working the rubber around the lip of the window frame as you go. Once you have finished installing the rubber gasket around the entire lip of the window frame, take the time to tap on the gasket itself all the way around the seal to make sure it is firmly set in place. When you are sure that the seal is firmly in place, you should be done.